Oncology Service Line Programs

Coordinated radiation therapy and related services, delivered with patient-focused care

Focused Oncology Service Line Support

Your Oncology Need is Our Expertise

Each day, Alliance Oncology works on our partners’ behalf to deliver excellent patient care, drive growth and innovate traditional delivery models. We uncover cancer care delivery gaps and opportunities – often by physician specialties and by types of cancer – to help better integrate care across the continuum.

And together, we assess and support our partners’ current and future needs, with an eye toward continuous improvement and where appropriate, both local and regional expansion of oncology service line programs and locations.

Navigating Oncology Service Line Programs Forward

Developing an Optimal Oncology Care Program Requires an Agile Market Approach – Today, and Tomorrow

At a time of rapid change in cancer care, ongoing success and sustainability will require leaders to evaluate and consider partnerships that will help them effectively manage shifting demographics, changing reimbursements, evolving technology and population health priorities.

Alliance Oncology evaluates and implements many levers to retain and grow market share, including outreach and engagement with patients and referring providers. Simultaneously, we adapt and implement new measures to ensure that together with our partners we deliver exceptional patient care, safely and dependably.

The result is a radiation therapy and related solutions program that enhances patient experiences, guiding them through their journey — a culmination of your values and our expertise.

Leverage World-Class Expertise

Just Some of the Advantages to Your New or Existing Cancer Care Program that Alliance Oncology Partners with You to Deliver:

  • Multi-disciplinary clinical program and service line development
  • Unique expertise in radiation oncology and radiation therapy services
  • Hospital and physician alignment
  • Patient care, education and satisfaction
  • Clinical staffing, credentialing, accreditation, and quality improvement
  • Brand enhancement, marketing, patient and community outreach
  • Referring provider outreach and education
Together, we will deliver on a vision of advancing your cancer center goals to become a legacy in your community, in the healthcare industry, and beyond.

Flexibility with Less Risk and More Reward

We assess your market to help determine your service and needs. Our flexible partnership options allow you to expand your services with scalability and less risk.

Alliance Oncology Provides Full Oncology Service Line Support so You Can:
  • Increase market share through disease site focused program development
  • Retain patients at the onset of and throughout their journey
  • Implement strategies that shift patients from competing providers to your network
  • Navigate value-based care, Radiation Oncology Model implementation and other regulatory and payer shifts
  • Improve patient convenience and satisfaction
  • Streamline operational efficiencies
  • Maneuver crisis management with a seasoned operator at your side

Promoting Excellence

A Full Continuum of Oncology Service Line Support

Partnering with Alliance Oncology means your physician group and health system can deliver seamless and safe radiation therapy and related services to your patients. Whether you are seeking expertise in upgrading your current facility, optimizing and managing your oncology service line for growth, or creating a new multi-modality cancer center—we are here to help you drive outcomes.

Advanced Oncology Service Line Programs

Explore a Partnership

As value-based care continues to accelerate and market trends increasingly favor cancer care continuity and consolidation, the time to adapt through strong alliances is now.

Our collaborative cancer services and program strategies propel:

  • Partner, system and market alignment
  • Implementation
  • Performance
  • Differentiation
  • Growth

Distinguishing Oncology Service Line Programs

How We’re Different

Our Continuum of Essential Support for Partners Includes Creating Customized Services Such As:

Patient Experience Management
Building upon the leadership of our physician and hospital partners, we strive to be a driving force in transforming cancer care and the patient experience. With particular expertise in radiation therapy and related services, Alliance Oncology creates a seamless patient experience across the care pathway by developing a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary journey; providing exceptional, compassionate care to each patient, at every visit. We then measure and evaluate each patient’s experience to continuously improve future interaction.
Clinical Service Line Development
We offer a comprehensive approach across the entire oncology service line including disease-specific program development, upgrades and new equipment, software technology and clinical research. We also provide access to staffing services and clinical support, site management, physics, therapists, dosimetry and physician locum services. Our experienced professionals work with outside credentialing bodies to promote operational efficiency, quality, and safety practices. From drawing top-talent to providing center management, HR services, certified clinical services, training, and compliance (MACRA, MIPS), Alliance Oncology handles everything—freeing your capacity and focus.
Referring Provider Outreach
Alliance Oncology offers comprehensive, in-person referring provider support in your community. With multiple resources at their disposal, Account Executives maintain and grow referrals, with a focus on understanding current and potential referrer needs; providing clinical, modality and scheduling education; identifying opportunities for referral growth and troubleshooting related challenges; and providing ongoing feedback to you and your team on referrals by affiliation and specialty.
Consumer Engagement & Patient Education
We work with our partners to implement an appropriate marketing framework to communicate defined value proposition to referring physicians and patients – and to grow patient volume, support referrer loyalty, and increase brand recognition. Alliance Oncology offers a range of marketing support, including; strategy and planning, digital marketing, social media outreach and management, reputation management, patient communications and education, referring provider education, analytics and insight.
Equipment Procurement
We will be your partner in equipment procurement and asset lifecycle management. Alliance Oncology’s proprietary real-time data helps hospitals and health systems ensure patient satisfaction and integrate physician preferences when planning equipment purchases. Offering the latest and best technology will be easier than ever, as we guide the deliberate capital planning, asset preservation, and risk-sharing approach our partners seek.
Information Technology Integration
With the proliferation of new technologies and the many options available for expanding IT hardware, software, and networks, we have the experience to drive successful integration. Alliance Oncology ensures that our partners possess the information technology tools and support that are necessary to aid in cancer care excellence.
Revenue Cycle, Billing & Collections
Maximize the profitability of your oncology business by choosing a partner for your billing operations, saving you time and expense within the billing and collections process. As part of our suite of comprehensive services, Alliance Oncology can perform a payer and reimbursement assessment, and help pinpoint growth opportunities in your payer contracts, as well as optimize your collections cycle.
Interim Radiation Therapy Solution

Alliance Oncology is one of the first in the world to offer advanced radiation treatment technology in a moveable, relatively temporary environment. Our interim solution provides continued uninterrupted radiation therapy services to your patients during a department remodel or equipment upgrade.

Interim Solutions Includes:

  • Moveable coach logistics
  • Site planning, delivery & installation
  • Data integration
  • Clinical training and staffing support
  • End-of-project removal

Discover what Alliance Oncology Can Do for Your New or Existing Cancer Care Program